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April 2016

Now's the time to virtualize backup deduplication

With so much great work being done in converged infrastructure and hyper-converged appliances, many users are getting to the point that the only boxes with blinky lights that they want to see on their floor are those converged infrastructure (CI)/hyper-converged appliance (HC) platforms, since everything else is running inside those bundles. But one of the last "blinky" holdouts is the data protection setup being used to protect the CI/HC platforms. Even when the data protection software engine might run within a virtualized server, the protection storage (typically a storage array performing backup deduplication) is often still physical and adjacent to the rest of the infrastructure. My recent hands-on experience with a new virtualized backup deduplication array has validated my beliefs that those platforms should also be virtualized. In the past, many argued that key systems, such as database platforms, needed dedicated hardware due to imbued latency going through the virtualization layer or because of the demand for so many ...

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