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Vol. 5 No. 1 March 2006

Continuous data protection technology trends in storage

CDP is just one piece of the puzzle The benefits of continuous data protection are obvious for backup, but CDP can also play a key role in overall data management. WHEN IT COMES to business computing, there's been a tremendous amount of progress in the last few decades. Processing power and storage capacities that used to cost millions of dollars can now be purchased at the local Best Buy, CompUSA or Fry's Electronics for a mere pittance. But some things never change. In spite of these wonderful advances, backup/restore issues continue to dog the industry. According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research, approximately one-quarter of companies say that 20% or more of their tape-based backups and restores fail because of issues like media malfunctions, human error and software failures. Can't some intelligent vendor throw some new technology at this age-old problem? Old problem, new solution Technology vendors haven't been asleep at the wheel; witness innovations like remote mirroring, journaling file systems and ...

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