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December 2017, Vol. 16, No. 10

The flat backup, or backup-less backup, data protection option

Traditional backup typically makes copies of any files and database tables that have changed since the last backup to a storage device on a media server. This incremental approach is referred to as an incremental backup. Traditional backup also occasionally does a full backup where it copies all files and the entire database to a storage device on a media server. Backup-less backup does neither of these things. Also referred to as flat backup, backup-less backup is usually accomplished by creating storage-level snapshots on the server or filer being backed up and then replicating them to another server or filer for preservation. This approach is different from a typical backup in a couple ways.  First, there's no media server between protected storage and the protection copy. Second, the protection copy is just that, a copy. It's in the same format as the original data. One of the hallmarks of backup-less backup is that the protection copy can immediately take the place of the protected copy if it's damaged. Traditional backups ...

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