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January 2016 Vol. 14 No. 11

The zettabytes are coming...fight back

Analysts claim that the volume of data requiring safe haven in business data centers will continue an upward trajectory that could decimate your storage infrastructure by 2020. According to industry watchers, 2009 saw the creation of about one zettabyte (ZB) of new data. This volume climbed to 2.75 zettabytes in 2012, then on to about 8 ZBs in 2015. Now, IDC and others are suggesting that between 20 and 60 zettabytes of new data will be created by humans and machines by 2020. That will be a nightmare for both private and public data center operators who have not prepared for a "Z-pocalypse." Some folks have been inclined to spin these projections to underscore the promise of, and to project a bright future for, cloud storage services. In conferences and trade shows, clouds are treated like a magical fifth storage medium -- flash, disk, optical, tape and cloud storage -- though this view is clearly in error. Clouds are a service delivery model; they are not a storage technology in and of themselves. What is really interesting is ...

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