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Vol. 3 No. 3 May 2004

Backup to Disk for Better Restore

Times sure have changed for disk backup. When IBM and StorageTek first started selling virtual tape--disk systems that emulate a tape resource--the goal was to improve backup windows and tape utilization. By inserting a disk staging area between a backup server and a tape library, maybe you'd be able to back up more servers simultaneously, and lay out backup images on the media more efficiently. But disk's role in backup may be changing. Last month, when EMC announced its Clariion Disk Library (DL), Chuck Hollis, EMC vice president of platform marketing, went to great pains to paint Clariion DL as distinct from virtual tape. Whereas virtual tape "is focused on helping your backup window, [Clariion DL] is about "improving your time to restore," he says. However, not all backup software supports disk's role as a restore enhancer. According to Chris Van Wagoner, director of product marketing at backup software maker CommVault, most backup software is built on "the philosophical underpinning that disk is a short-term staging area ...

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Features in this issue

  • Mobile Drives, Portable Backups

    Do mobile disk drives have a future in disk-based backup?

  • Bridging SAN islands

    To help ensure that a change made to one part of the SAN doesn't interfere with the entire storage network, some new products claim to have developed a new switch-based intelligence that segregates the SAN and protects SAN data.

  • WAN Links gain speed

    Can't get past the cost of doing high-speed remote replication? Latency problems driving you nuts? New TCIP/IP accelerators for IP storage promise some relief.

Columns in this issue