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Vol. 9 Num. 6 September 2010

Getting in front of backup

Learn about a handful of key technologies that can help storage managers meet their backup recovery time objectives by making the first steps -- data capture and transfer -- simpler and more efficient. The focus on backup modernization during the last few years has been squarely on the backup target device: tapes and disks. That's where the majority of users have made the most changes. But now that so many users and IT shops have become disk friendly, there's a new focus on the front end of the backup process: the capture and transfer phase. In 2004, nearly 60% of Enterprise Storage Group (ESG) survey respondents reported backing up directly to tape. By 2010, only 20% were using tape exclusively. These days, approximately 80% of IT organizations tell ESG they're augmenting backup processes with disk, which helps them meet backup windows and recovery time objectives (RTOs). Still, exponential data growth means greater backup demands and a need for new backup processes. As a result, technologies such as continuous data protection ...

Features in this issue

  • Virtualizing NAS

    Companies of all sizes are being inundated with unstructured data that's straining the limits of traditional file storage. File virtualization can pool those strained resources and provide for future growth.

Columns in this issue

  • ILM lives again!

    Information lifecycle management faded into oblivion without getting serious notice. But it's back now, with a new name and more realistic goals.