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Actifio Inc. Actifio 6.0

The latest version of Actifio allows administrators to provision test instances and delivers updated, independent virtual copies of data.

Storage Products of the Year 2013 silver winner

Products from Actifio Inc. focus on reducing the number of point tools needed for backup, recovery, archiving, development and test data management through the use of a single, virtualized copy of data that can be put to use for multiple tasks. Actifio allows users to protect, recover or access applications from any point in time, and provides the ability to identify and capture data from any production application.

Actifio 6.0

Actifio 6.0, which is a software upgrade to the company's previous copy data storage platform, targets cloud service providers and enterprises with new features such as multi-tenancy, on-boarding, security, billing and reporting. Multi-tenancy ensures the secure separation of users' data, while on-boarding performs data seeding and non-disruptive application and data migration. Version 6.0 also allows easy integration with existing billing systems via a RESTful application programming interface and includes role-based access controls, encryption in flight and full audit logging for security. The new software lets administrators provision test instances and delivers updated, independent virtual copies of data. It features simplified development and test workflows with user-defined scheduled processing of data copy. Administrators can monitor their business service-level agreements in real time using a mobile management suite for iOS or Android devices.

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