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Asigra Inc. Cloud Backup Version 12.2 with Recovery License Model

The latest version of Asigra's software bills customers based on the amount of data they recover rather than on how much they back up.

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Asigra Cloud Backup version 12.2 offers backup across physical, virtual and cloud environments. With version 12.2, Asigra Inc. unveiled a new pricing model that bills customers based on the amount of data they recover rather than on how much they back up.

The cost for backup is fixed at $0.166 per gigabyte (GB) per month and recovery billing is based on a sliding scale. The higher the percentage of data recovered, the higher the per-GB cost. The highest rate is $0.50 per GB per month for customers who recovered 25% of their data over the previous six months. This cap keeps fees from escalating if a customer needs to restore a large amount of data in a short period of time. An analytics engine monitors recoveries, tracking how many are performed, the amount of data recovered and the source of data losses.

Asigra Cloud Backup Version 12.2

Version 12.2 of Asigra Cloud Backup also offers cloud-to-cloud backup for Google Apps, single-pass backup for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, and VMware VDR enhancements for failover/failback.

One judge said "from a feature function basis, version 12.2 [of Asigra Cloud Backup] does not add a lot, but from a business model perspective, it is a paradigm shift."

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