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Asigra Inc. Cloud Backup Version 13 Featuring Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery

The latest version of Asigra Cloud Backup adds cloud-to-cloud backup for, Google Apps and Office 365.

Gold winner in the Storage magazine/ 2014 Products of the Year Backup and Disaster Recovery Software and Services category.

Version 13 of the Asigra Inc. Cloud Backup product added backup for data created in the cloud. This is a growing concern for many organizations that rely heavily on cloud-based applications, as cloud application providers aren't responsible for helping users retrieve deleted, edited or corrupted data.

The latest version of the software can back up for Google Apps, Office 365 and Backup data from these applications can be integrated with backup data enterprise wide, and be stored both locally and off-site for disaster recovery purposes. The software also offers an automated restore function to repopulate data created in the cloud.

With this update, Asigra Cloud Backup can provide the same level of protection for data created in the cloud as it does for on-premises data. Users can back up Google Apps, Office 365 and data to a service provider cloud or bring the data in-house. They can also choose the frequency and granularity of the backups to meet compliance and business continuity needs.

Cloud application backup isn't unique to Asigra. Products such as Backupify and Spanning offer backup for data created in the cloud. However, Asigra Cloud Backup is the only backup platform that protects all corporate data in a single repository: virtual and physical servers, storage, desktop, mobile devices and now cloud.

Asigra Cloud Backup scored highest among the category finalists for innovation and ease of integration, and also received high marks for functionality and value. One judge noted that its "agentless architecture was designed for the cloud, even before cloud was a buzzword. And the addition of protection for Salesforce, Google Apps and Office 365 to the product is an industry first." Another judge said the update is "innovative in that it makes Asigra's already full-function product more full function."

The software can be installed locally for private cloud backup or accessed by cloud backup service providers. Asigra said pricing for a fully managed backup service starts at approximately $50 per month based on its channel partners' pricing models, deployment configuration and the amount of data protected.

Asigra Cloud Backup V13 2014 POY

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Cloud data backup is a fast-growing product category--and as Andrew points out, it's not surprising given how much one of these services might charge to recover accidentally deleted data. Not too long ago there were just a couple of vendors in this space, but it's getting crowded now--a good sign that storage pros are taking cloud app backup seriously.
The scary part of that is not all those vendors will survive, and if you happen to pick the wrong horse, you may find yourself scrambling to move your backups elsewhere at short notice -- if you're lucky. 
I don't think responsible IT managers work that way. I believe they do their due diligence, get references and collect whatever financials are available. Besides--you could apply that kind of thinking to anything in IT (or anywhere, really) and never make a purchase!