Backup 2012: Tape, cloud, CDP backup and mobile device encryption

Check out our top backup videos of 2012, in which our experts tackle tape, cloud, mobile device data encryption and CDP backup.

Data protection should always be a priority for IT storage pros, and some of 2012's most significant events bore that out. Hurricane Sandy proved the need for keeping data backed up after flooding knocked out networks on the East Coast. Meanwhile, more users are taking a closer look at cloud backups and their options to back up data from mobile devices as organizations free their employees from traditional desktop machines. 

When it came to backup, 2012 had a number of instances where you could see its importance. had you covered with some of the best backup tips and strategies from industry experts. So check out our top backup videos of 2012, in which our experts tackle tape, cloud, mobile device data encryption and continuous data protection (CDP).

And be sure to keep a close eye on throughout 2013 for the latest in backup news, tips, tactics and videos!

Protect your CDP

In this video, Microsoft MVP Brien Posey talks about defending your continuous data protection solution to help avoid making your CDP server a single point of failure with the use of off-site copies of your data.

Cloud backup options

Watch as Posey explains some options now available for cloud backup, including who is using it today, how it can be performed and more.

Choosing data for cloud backup

Ben Woo, founder and managing director of market research firm Neuralytix, digs into the types of data users should consider backing up to the cloud

Encrypting mobile device backups

Howard Marks, chief scientist at Networks Are Our Lives, discusses the various ways organizations can encrypt data that is backed up from mobile devices.

The state of tape media

Jon Toigo, founder of Toigo Partners International, discusses how recent developments in tape storage technology -- such as Linear Tape File System (LTFS), greater capacities and increased durability -- make the media a solid choice for 21st century backup needs.

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