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Barracuda Backup 6.3

Barracuda Backup 6.3 introduces multi-streaming and cloud-to-cloud backups to take bronze for 2016 Products of the Year in the backup hardware category.

Bronze winner in the Storage magazine/ 2016 Products of the Year Backup Hardware category.

The Barracuda Backup 6.3 appliance stood out for its increased initial backup speed and recovery performance. The vendor claimed the new appliance is twice as fast as previous versions with large files and can be three times as fast for file server backups of small files with the Barracuda backup agent. It also upgraded the Barracuda 990 appliance from 36 TB to 48 TB of usable storage.

The latest version of the software includes cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365. Barracuda also introduced multistreaming in the latest version to complement existing recovery options for physical-to-physical, physical-to-virtual or virtual-to-virtual configurations. A new queuing system increases replication performance for high transactional environments with large amounts of replicated changed data.

Barracuda appliances include this software and built-in off-site replication to either Barracuda Cloud Storage or to another Barracuda Backup appliance in an off-site location or to external disk or tape. A single user interface can configure multiple site backups and cloud storage, so a storage expert is not needed on site.

Barracuda Backup 6.3

Barracuda backup customers can get a cloud subscription for off-site vaulting for long-term retention for up to seven years. They can get an upgraded Barracuda 990 at no charge. The Instant Replacement program entitles eligible Barracuda customers to upgrade their hardware every four years.

For organizations that require longer retention or support for external storage, there is the Barracuda Backup Export Tool that's designed to enable customers to export data to external disk or tape. Administrators have the option to export data to virtual tapes stored in Amazon Web Services S3 or Glacier for archiving by using an AWS storage gateway.

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