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Data backup process angst persists, but dedupe and cloud offer relief

Our latest survey finds respondents implementing deduplication and evaluating cloud backup services to deal with issues in their data backup process.

Our latest Storage magazine survey finds respondents implementing dedupe and evaluating cloud backup services to deal with issues in their data backup process.

There's an old saying that backups are easy, it's the restores that are the problem. But our latest survey reveals that the data backup process is hardly a piece of cake. Forty-nine percent of respondents say their biggest backup bugaboo is the time it takes to complete a backup; for 48% the culprit is keeping up with growing capacities. Some are still grappling with virtual server backup (28%), while about a quarter are trying to keep up with application requirements. On average, about 63 TB of data is backed up each week, and 47% of those surveyed say a lot of that is redundant; at the other end of that spectrum, 26% fear they're not backing up everything they should be. On a brighter note, only 16% bemoan failed backups; but 31% would like better monitoring and reporting tools to track backups. Two-thirds are using deduplication to deal with some of these niggling issues, which is a bit higher than we've seen previously. Slightly less than one-fifth use the cloud to store an average of 37% of their backup data. More disk for backup is on a lot of respondents' shopping lists (84%), with an eye to adding an average of 28 TB of new capacity.

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Rich Castagna is editorial director of TechTarget's Storage Media Group.

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