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Deduping 101: What you must know before buying a deduplication product

In our series on deduping in 2013, independent backup expert Brien Posey outlines important things to consider before choosing a dedupe product.

Deduplication has moved from cutting-edge technology to just another option in the backup toolbox. Driven by the popularity of disk-based backup, deduping has become a standard feature of backup software and hardware alike. There are countless deduplication options available today. And according to Storage magazine's Purchasing Intentions survey, dedupe spending is on the rise. Thirty two percent of respondents said that they would be purchasing deduping technology this year. The same survey also seems to indicate that VTL use is fading, and many organizations are opting to deploy a file system/NAS approach instead. Thirty eight percent said they would add the latter this year, with only 11% adding VTL technology (down from 24% in 2008).

The survey also indicates that the move away from tape as a backup medium continues. Forty nine percent of respondents at larger companies said that they would reduce tape spending this year. Midsized and small organizations said that they would reduce tape spending by 34% and 39% respectively.

If you are new to deduping, this guide is a great place to start. Below you will find links to articles which detail the state of backup deduplication today. You will learn about the various dedupe technologies available today, including hardware- and software-based dedupe, source and target dedupe and global dedupe. This guide also offers info on how to best match specific deduping technologies to your organization's needs.

Hardware-based deduplication

Part one of our guide on deduping takes a look at hardware deduplication. Learn more about the features and functionality of deduplication appliances today.

Software-based deduplication and cloud backup

The second segment takes a look at software deduplication. This part discusses software dedupe options available today and also looks at how cloud backup is driving interest in dedupe.

Software + hardware dedupe

Part three of the deduping guide compares software- and hardware-based deduplication and explains how they are typically used to complement each other.

Target deduplication

Target deduplication is nothing new, but the technology is always evolving. This part of our guide takes a look at target deduplicaton today.

Source deduplication

Most backup vendor offers some form of source-based deduplication today. Part five explores source deduplication with information on cloud and centralized backups.

Source + target dedupe

Many dedupe vendors offer both source- and target-based backup. This part of our guide compares source and target deduping and discusses how they are typically used to complement each other.

global deduplication

The seventh part of our deduping series discusses how global deduplication works and offers examples of the technology available today.

Who needs global dedupe?

There have been debates on this one since global dedupe was introduced. Part eight discusses who can benefit from global deduplication.

The dedupe tax

The ninth and final part of our look at deduping looks at what is commonly referred to as the dedupe tax -- or the effect of deduplication on restore time -- as well as additional things to consider before choosing a deduplication product.

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