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Dell DR6000 Disk Backup Appliance

Dell's DR6000 disk backup appliance is enhanced with Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS for source-side deduplication.

Bronze winner in the Storage magazine/ 2014 Products of the Year Backup Hardware category.

The enterprise-class Dell DR6000 backup disk appliance is an extension of the company's existing DR Series, which is integrated with Dell's AppAssure technology. Dell's newest version has been upgraded with Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS application plug-ins, which are source-side deduplication accelerators for NFS and CIFS backups. This technology is designed to accelerate the data ingest rate from the client server or media server for backup applications using CIFS and NFS.

According to Dell, the DR6000 can store up to 2.7 PB of data based on a deduplication ratio of 15:1.

A console has been added to manage and monitor up to 64 DR6000 appliances within an Active Directory. Support for Symantec OST Virtual Synthetic Backups allows for sharing data between images and synthesizing the backup directly on the DR device without the need for data to be read and written from the backup server. All data movement occurs inside the DR appliance, sidestepping network bandwidth latency. The system supports the ability to do chunk and hash computations in the media or source server, resulting in savings in bandwidth usage.

The latest version has been upgraded to support 4 TB hard disk drives on expansion shelves. This allows more capacity to be stored in a smaller footprint, making it suited for small IT environments. Dell is offering an all-inclusive license with replication, protocol accelerators and three years of maintenance support.

Dell DR6000 Disk Backup Appliance 2014 POY

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