EMC/Data Domain/NetApp and data deduplication: Exclusive news coverage and analysis

We've compiled our full coverage of the EMC/Data Domain/NetApp battle, with expert advice and analysis on EMC's plans for Data Domain and deduplication. We have podcasts, and our best resources on data deduplication in one place.

EMC Corp. and NetApp battled for six weeks over Data Domain Inc., a leading company in data deduplication technology. NetApp placed an original offer on Data Domain for $1.5 billion on May 20. Soon after, EMC challenged that bid, and the two companies went back and forth in their offers for a few weeks, until July 6, when EMC placed the highest bid of $2.1 billion. NetApp stepped down from the bidding war on July 8, and Data Domain accepted EMC's offer of $2.1 billion. We've compiled our full coverage of the EMC/Data Domain/NetApp battle, expert advice, podcast interviews, and our best resources on data deduplication.

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EMC acquires Data Domain for $2.1B after NetApp drops bid
EMC wins the battle over Data Domain. NetApp said it will not increase its bid to acquire the data deduplication backups specialist, and Data Domain's board accepted the $2.1 billion offer EMC made July 6 and entered into a definitive agreement.

EMC raises its acquisition offer for data deduplication vendor Data Domain to $2.1B
EMC raised the stakes in its bidding war for data deduplication backup specialist Data Domain Inc., increasing its all cash offer to $33.50 per share or $2.1 billion in an attempt to sway the Data Domain board from accepting NetApp's offer of $1.9 billion.

Storage industry weighs EMC's, NetApp's bidding war for Data Domain
Storage administrators keep a close eye on EMC's and NetApp's bidding war for Data Domain Inc. after NetApp raises the bid to $1.9 billion, and wonder how the fate of the data deduplication backup specialist will impact the storage industry.

EMC wants to buy Data Domain for $1.8 billion to dominate data deduplication market
EMC offered $1.8 billion to acquire Data Domain, eclipsing NetApp's $1.5 billion offer for the target-based deduplication backup specialist on May 20.

NetApp plans to acquire data deduplication specialist Data Domain for $1.5 billion
NetApp Inc. made a bold move to become the market leader in data deduplication technology when it acquired Data Domain Inc. for $1.5 billion in a mixed cash and stock transaction.


EMC continues the battle for Data Domain with new bid of $2.1 billion
The bidding war between EMC and NetApp over Data Domain continued as EMC raised the bid to a solid cash offer of $2.1 billion. Beth Pariseau, senior news writer at SearchStorage.com, and Curtis Preston, executive editor at TechTarget, discuss the latest developments of the story in this podcast.

EMC and NetApp continue the battle over Data Domain
EMC raised the bid to $1.8 billion. Beth Pariseau, senior news writer for SearchStorage.com, talks about the advantages of having Data Domain in a company, and what this deal could mean for the future. And Curtis Preston, executive editor at TechTarget and independent backup expert, talks about the battle between EMC and NetApp.


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