Identify data backup solutions for today's challenges

This primer on data protection looks at backup challenges that IT shops face today while identifying the available data backup solutions.

Over the last several years, data protection has evolved to address a variety of new or growing challenges. Factors...

such as exponential data growth and the need for near real-time data protection have driven organizations to abandon legacy backups. For some organizations, producing a nightly backup is long gone. Or those nightly backups are being supplemented with additional data protection measures that offer more frequent data protection and faster restores.

This primer on data protection by independent backup expert Brien Posey looks at backup challenges that IT shops face today such as protecting large data sets, virtual server backup and bring your own device (BYOD). It also offers a close look at the data backup solutions available in the form of backup hardware and software to address some of these challenges.

Whether you are new to backup or looking to make overdue changes to your data protection strategy, this primer can help. Start now.

Backup challenges

Protecting large volumes of data

The amount of data to be backed up has always been a challenge. However, in recent years, the problem has compounded. Today's IT shops must still deal with backup performance and capacity, but the challenge is decidedly more difficult than it was in the past due to explosive data growth. This section looks at various factors contributing to this issue.

Backing up virtual servers

As virtual machine use proliferated, managing large numbers of backup agents became a challenge. Resource contention also became a big issue. Today, all of the major third-party Backup vendors offer products that are virtualization aware, but challenges remain. Learn more about virtual server backup and why it creates data protection challenges.

BYOD creates data protection difficulties

Protecting data on smartphones and tablets can be a logistical nightmare for administrators, yet these devices see such widespread use that they cannot ignored as they often were in the past. Learn more about the challenges associated with BYOD for IT shops today.

Backup software

Data protection choices to tackle data growth, administrative workload

Although many challenges remain, backup software products are evolving to address some of the issues backup admins face today. Learn more about the backup software products aimed at addressing data growth and administrative workload in this section.

Ensure your data protection choices cover virtual server backups, BYOD

This section discusses some of the data protection solutions that are available today to address virtual server backup and BYOD challenges.

Backup targets

Tape libraries and VTLs

There are a variety of options available for storing backup data. Tape and virtual tape libraries may be older technologies but they are still widely deployed today. Learn more about the current state of these two mature backup target options.

Disk and cloud backup

The final section of our primer takes a look at the pros and cons of deduplicating disk arrays and cloud backup as well as the emerging class of integrated appliances, which offer backup software, a media server, and storage in one device.


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