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Introducing New Tools for Better Backups -- an eZine from Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com

In our latest eZine -- New Tools for Better Backups -- you'll get a concise outline of next-generation backup solutions.

Our eZines and eBooks provide in-depth information resources that you as a storage professional have come to expect from Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com. With each edition, our storage experts address the topics and issues that are most relevant to your storage needs.

In our latest issue, New Tools for Better Backups -- you'll get a concise outline of next-generation backup solutions; covering all topics from deduplication to virtualization.

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Here is a closer look on what our latest eZine will cover:
New Tools for Better Backups

 Chapter 1:Catch Up with Dedupe
 Chapter 2: Fine Tune Backups
 Chapter 3: Demystifying Dedupe
 Chapter 4: VM Backup Tips

New Tools for Better Backups

Most storage managers would agree that backup and restore processes can be a big headache, a time hog and ultimately unreliable.

For years we used tape technologies to perform backup operations. The processes were slow, unreliable and eventually became outdated. Then disk came along and improved backup speed and reliability – and has now served as a catalyst for several innovative backup technologies that are gaining popularity today.

These twenty-first century backup tools are mature and practical alternatives to backup as we have known it and products that can augment traditional backup systems.

In Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com's latest eZine, New Tools for Better Backups, you'll get a closer look at technologies like, deduplication and VTLs, and what their impact will be in the future.

Check out this eZine today and get a deeper understanding of the technologies that will change your backup operations for the better.

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