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Is file archiving only for regulatory compliance?

It's a myth that file archiving is only for regulatory compliance.

"Is file archiving just for companies and applications that have to meet regulatory compliance requirements?"

It's a myth that file archiving is only for regulatory compliance. In reality, archiving has been around for decades -- well before the hype of compliance -- but compliance needs have become a serious driver for archiving. File archiving is for any valued data in any business of any size. This includes traditional documents and emails, along with a myriad of other digitally created content, like photos, movies, sound files, etc. All that data can have monetary or nonmonetary value to a company.

Moving forward, archiving is not just for the enterprise. It can have a huge impact in organizations of all sizes, including small and midsized business (SMB), as well as the small office/home office (SOHO). Down the road, we'll see more file archiving done discretely in a simple, easy-to-use manner.

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