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Microsoft backup challenges, solutions, and best practices

Whether you’re new to Microsoft backup or just want to learn ways to improve your processes, you’ll want to check out our latest Microsoft backup content.

Given the widespread business use of Microsoft applications, we strive to cover a wide variety of Microsoft backup-related topics on

Recently, our Microsoft expert Brien Posey offered insight into five common Microsoft DPM errors and explained the difference between parent partition and child partition Hyper V backups. Also, check out his recent piece explaining how to backup Microsoft Internet Information Services and why backup administrators should care about IIS backup. Finally, since backups are important but restores are everything (as the old saying goes), Posey explores Active Directory restore techniques.

Whether you’re new to the world of Microsoft backup or you just want to learn ways to improve your existing processes, you’ll want to check out our latest Microsoft backup content.

Five Microsoft DPM errors and how to prevent them

In this tip, learn five common Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 (Microsoft DPM) errors you may have seen, or should expect to see, and how to resolve each of them.

Hyper-V backup best practices: Hypervisor backup vs. VM backups

Is it better to back up the entire host server or back up each individual virtual machine within a Hyper-V environment? The answer depends on which backup application you use. In this tip, learn about Hyper-V backup best practices, as well as the differences between hypervisor backup vs. VM backup.

Active Directory restores: How to restore deleted objects

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2allow users to restore deleted objects back to the Active Directory using authoritative or non-authoritative techniques. This tip explains each approach and walks you through the Active Directory restore process.

IIS backup: How to protect Microsoft Internet Information Services

Backup administrators also need to know how to protect Microsoft Internet Information Services and how they can recover hosted sites. This tip looks at exactly what you need to back up when performing an IIS backup.

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