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Netgear ReadyData 516

ReadyData mixes SSDs and SATA drives within a volume for better performance, and offers unlimited snapshots of block and file data for CDP.

Storage Products of the Year 2013 bronze winner

Netgear describes its ReadyData 516 (RDD516) as a "datacenter in a shoebox" that takes enterprise features normally delivered in large storage arrays and packs them into a desktop form factor for small to medium-sized businesses that need to protect data at both core and remote sites.

The system scales to a maximum capacity of 24 TB and includes solid-state drive (SSD) caching within a volume, while also offering the ability to mix SSD and SATA drives within a volume for better performance. ReadyData 516 does thin provisioning, data compression and deduplication on block and file data, and also offers unlimited snapshots of block and file data for continuous data protection.

Netgear ReadyData

RDD516 can be used for site-to-site reproduction of virtual images, databases and large files via block-level replication, a capability that is typically beyond the reach of smaller businesses. One of our judges commented that ReadyData 516 delivers a "lot of functionality for the price."

The system reduces complexity through its patented NAT traversal technique that is used to set up a direct peer-to-peer connection between ReadyData units so no port-forwarding or dynamic DNS is required. It also has a cloud-based management portal and on-demand virtual private connections between units.

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