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Our top five data protection tips of 2017

We've compiled the top five pieces of data protection and backup advice given in 2017, from copy data management products to lingering cloud backup doubts.

When observing the biggest trends for IT pros in 2017, a recurring theme in our most-read data protection tips...

is asking the right questions. Whether they were asking vendors probing questions about products or asking their organization what needs to be done to prepare for the future, it was clear that our readers had a lot of questions on their minds over the past year.

We've gathered together the most popular data protection tips from 2017, where experts dove into topics such as the converged craze, cloud backup worries and copy data management.

Hopping on the converged bandwagon

Considering the buzz converged and hyper-converged technologies received this year, it's fitting that one of our top data protection tips was about converged data protection vendors. Particular standouts in the field of converged data protection are Cohesity and Rubrik. In this popular tip, features of each vendor's converged data protection platform were broken down and compared. While similar, the two products are different enough to warrant a closer look.

GDPR compliance a major concern

With the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in 2018, there are understandable concerns from IT pros. And those concerns aren't limited to the EU. Regardless of where your organization is located, if you do business online, you are likely to be affected by GDPR. As long as an organization collects information on citizens of the EU, it is subject to the regulations. The noncompliance penalties are no joke, so it's important for organizations to read up on potential courses of action before GDPR is in effect.

Cloud backup still worthy of scrutiny

Although it's far from a new technology at this point, it should come as no surprise that one of our top five data protection tips this year revolved around cloud backup. Although the cloud isn't drawing as much skepticism as it used to, clearly, there are still concerns when it comes to backing up data into the cloud. With five simple questions to ask cloud service providers, this tip broke down the major worries surrounding cloud backup, such as cost, compliance and security.

Copy data management drawing interest

Copy data management is another technology that garnered a lot of interest over 2017. The ability to reduce storage costs by eliminating unnecessary copies of data is vital these days, and luckily, there are a slew of products out there to meet that need. There are so many copy data management products out there, in fact, that one of our top five most-read data protection tips was a primer on how to choose among them. If you're struggling to sift through potential copy data management vendors, be sure to ask them about features such as cloud compatibility and hardware requirements.

Improvements in flat backup technology increase appeal

Combining the reliability of a traditional backup with the flexibility of snapshots, flat backups have become a viable data protection option. But that hasn't always been the case. Improvements in the technology had experts making the case for flat backups. Snapshots were previously seen as a convenience -- although risky because they are stored on the same storage they protect. Once flat backups allowed snapshots to be replicated to another technology, this limitation was removed. Flat backup vendors also made moves to improve their products, adding features like snapshot lifecycle management.

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