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Quantum Corp. vmPRO 4000 appliance

The vmPRO 4000 family offers backup software and storage in one appliance that’s based on Quantum’s DXi dedupe and replication devices.

Quantum's vmPRO is the winner of the backup hardware category in Storage magazine's/'s 2011 Products of the Year competition. To get a complete listing of all our winners, please read our guide to the best data storage products of 2011.

Gold 2011 Products of the Year

After buying Pancetera Software for $12 million in mid-2011, Quantum quickly turned the acquired technology into its vmPRO family to provide data storage managers with a way to protect VMware-based virtual machines (VMs) for backup, disaster recovery (DR) and data retention. As one of the first VMware backup and deduplication appliances, one judge described the Quantum vmPRO family as a “nice VMware-only backup that operates as both a virtual and physical appliance.”

The product line consists of the vmPRO standalone software that’s the basis of a set of appliances: the vmPRO 4510 and 4601 disk deduplication appliances. The software works with third-party backup apps, while the vmPRO 4000 family provides backup software and storage in one appliance that’s based on Quantum’s DXi deduplication and replication devices. Both products create backup copies in a native, file-system view to allow for single-stage recovery for whole VMs or single files.

Quantum vmPRO 4000 appliance

The vmPRO software operates as a virtual appliance integrated into VMware vCenter. It treats VMs as files in a single virtual file system and presents them in directories, instead of the VMs residing on different ESX hosts and different types of storage. It features a progressive optimization capability to filter out inactive, expired and random data in VMs as it’s read so that initial backup volumes are reduced by up to 75%.

The vmPRO 4601 ingests at 1.7 TB an hour, with up to 12 TB of usable capacity in a 2U rackmount appliance. Capacity can be expanded on demand with a license upgrade. The Quantum vmPRO 4510 has 2 TB of usable capacity. Pricing starts at $13,750, including all software.

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