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Riverbed Technology Inc. Whitewater 3.0

Whitewater 3.0 can replicate its cache with another Whitewater appliance, which acts as a standby to recover data if the primary site is disabled.

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Riverbed Technology Inc.'s Whitewater 3.0 is a cloud storage gateway for backup to public or private clouds. The latest version introduces a new appliance family that performs peer replication and data pinning, and supports Symantec Enterprise Vault and Amazon Glacier for cold storage archiving.

Riverbed Whitewater 3.0 allows administrators to replicate its cache with another (peer) Whitewater appliance, which operates as a standby to recover data if a disaster disables the primary site. The peer appliance can work as the primary appliance for continued backup, restore and data protection needs, so no backup windows are missed despite transitioning from a disaster recovery (DR) role to a primary data protection role.

The peer system also works in read-only mode, continuously getting real-time updates from the primary Whitewater appliance so it can also act as a DR test facility. The gateway's data pinning capability allows specific data to be pinned to the Whitewater cache so data is not evicted from the cache. That data protection tier ensures local access to more critical data such as Microsoft SQL Server backups or email archives, so administrators have more control over which data is held locally vs. data that is pushed into the cloud for archiving.

Riverbed Whitewater 3.0

Riverbed Technology Whitewater physical devices can support data sets of up to 14.4 PB with the 2030 and 3030 physical device models, plus extra shelves. The physical systems also support 10 Gbps Ethernet to boost ingest performance. The product family consists of three physical and three virtual appliances, with the largest physical system's cache capacity able to scale to 96 TB with an ingest rate of 2.5 TB per hour. The largest virtual appliance scales to 8 TB of cache with an ingest rate of 250 GB per hour.

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