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The HPE backup tool, Data Protector, helps execute companies' DR plans

Designed for complex infrastructures, HPE Data Protector enables enterprises to execute long-term data protection across virtual and physical environments while remaining compliant.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Protector, part of the HPE backup and data recovery suite, offers backup and recovery for when organizations experience a data breach, data corruption or some other catastrophic event where they have to restore their operations and applications to normal.

As part of the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery (ABR) Suite, Data Protector is augmented by two other HPE backup tools, Backup Navigator and Storage Optimizer. The HPE Backup Navigator supplements its backup features with operational analytics and reporting. Storage Optimizer enables administrators to analyze, classify and manage unstructured data, and then move files around based on the value to the business on the most efficient storage tiers.

HPE Data Protector includes standardized protection across physical and virtual environments, diverse operating systems and critical applications from centralized data centers to remote locations. Data Protector also offers protection for application software. The software's business application integrations extend server backup, automated point-in-time recovery and granular restores to application users.

Data Protector's functions extend into virtual machines, and it provides visibility into virtual environments. The HPE backup software supports compression and deduplication, and also integrates with leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, HPE Helion and Amazon Simple Storage Service. Customers can also take advantage of automated retention and replication management across different backup media, storage tiers and locations. This enables organizations to comply with regulations and execute long-term data retention.

Products in the HPE ABR Suite are targeted for larger enterprises with 5,000 to 100,000 employees.

HPE backup software pricing

HPE licenses these products by capacity and front-end TBs. Customers will receive volume discounts based on capacity. For example, there are pricing levels in the ranges of 1 to 249 TB, 250 to 499 TB and 500 TB to 1 petabyte.

The stand-alone version of Data Protector starts at $4,830 per terabyte. HPE Data Protector Premium, which includes Backup Navigator, starts at $5,450 per terabyte. And the Ultimate package that consists of Data Protector, Backup Navigator and Storage Optimizer starts at $6,069 per terabyte.

While HPE markets Data Protector and the ABR Suite through direct means, the vast majority of these products are sold through value-added resellers. There is a 60-day trial of the HPE backup software, and IT managers can download the products from the HPE website. HPE enables IT teams to take their time in doing the trial, but insists that they make a decision when the 60 days are up.

Because HPE targets larger enterprises with more complex infrastructures, most customers opt for Premier Support, which comes with a higher level of support and costs 27% of the list price. Companies can opt for one-year support packages, as well as two- or three-year deals.

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