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Veeam backup and recovery software now backs up cloud and enterprises

With features that support the complex demands of enterprises and cloud-based data recovery, Veeam backup software continues to outpace other vendors' offerings.

Veeam backup and recovery software focuses primarily on protecting virtual environments. It was one of the first products to provide both backup and replication in the same software. It also does not require the installation of an agent inside the virtual machine to protect it.

Veeam backup and recovery software is compatible with a variety of backup targets. Veeam Software has integrated its capabilities with several of the leading storage vendors, unifying storage and snapshot management. The vendor has historically focused on the midmarket data center, but has also attracted many enterprise customers. With the latest version of its software, Veeam has integrated features that larger enterprises need to manage their more complex demands.

Veeam has the ability to not only protect and recover an entire virtual machine (VM), but also individual files and application items for environments like Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory. It provides transaction-level restore of Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. All of these backups are done with block-level, incremental backups. This means that, after the first backup, only the information that changes will go to the backup target, resulting in very fast, low-impact backups.

Recovery-in-place, Cloud Connect enhance data protection

One of Veeam's most unique features is its ability to provide in-place recovery, meaning it can leverage a backup of a volume for use on the backup target, instead of having to restore the volume across a network. The result is a significant reduction in recovery time.

Veeam backup and recovery software continues to expand its implementation of this feature, which the vendor calls instant recovery. It now includes the ability to trigger an entire disaster recovery and failback with one click. In the 9.5 release, Veeam Software unveiled a tool that automates the DR process, ensuring VMs recover and restart in the correct order.

As part of its disaster recovery offering, Veeam Software recently added cloud-based DR and cloud backup through its Cloud Connect product. Service providers can partner with Veeam Software to create a Veeam backup and recovery target in the cloud for their customers.

Most recently, Veeam Software expanded its capabilities to provide more traditional backup software features. Veeam backup and recovery software now supports copying to tape, and it will support the backup of nonvirtualized hosts.

Veeam Software is one of the youngest vendors on the backup market, but its early focus on virtualization is paying off. The software is considered both a technical and data protection market leader, and the firm has thousands of customers. As the software matures, it is addressing the more traditional needs of enterprises, while keeping its core, midtier data center market happy.

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