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Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0

Version 3.0 has a new "test before you commit" function, and remote support that lets multiple sites be managed by a single instance of vCenter.

Storage Products of the Year 2013 silver winner

Zerto Virtual Replication is a hardware-agnostic, hypervisor-based replication tool that uses continuous replication, and automates failover and failback in VMware environments. Unlike traditional array-based replication, which requires homogeneous storage systems, Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0 allows for replication to any storage system as well as to hybrid and public clouds.

Zerto introduced a new "test before you commit" function in this version, which lets users test a specific failover point to ensure that failover will be successful. The company also extended support to remote and branch offices, allowing multiple sites to be managed by a single instance of vCenter. It offers a single view of an organization's data across physical resources spread among several locations. The software enables workload mobility between public and private clouds and user self-service. Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0 offers vCloud 5.1 integration with native support for vApps, Storage Profiles, Org Networks and Provider vDC; it also offers integration with VMware vCloud Automation Center.

Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0

The Zerto product received high marks for its innovation, according to our judges. One of them called it "a new take on an old BC/DR [business continuity/disaster recovery] technology -- server-to-server replication with a clever twist: smart leveraging of VMs [virtual machines] to, from [and] between clouds."

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Virtual Replication 5.5 adds replication, analytics features

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