Data storage backup tools

  • Server-free backup FAQ

    Not too long ago, server-free backup was the best option for backing up large data sets. However, there are some legitimate alternatives available today. W. Curtis Preston discusses how server-free backup works, pros and cons of server-free backup, ...  Continue Reading

  • Backup as a service FAQ

    Trying to decide if online backup, or backup as a service, will be beneficial to your small-midsized business? John Merryman, services director for recovery services at GlassHouse Technologies Inc., discusses the benefits and drawbacks of online ...  Continue Reading

  • Backup reporting FAQ

    The old joke, "The backup is fine -- it's the restore that doesn't work," is all too often true. But tools designed specifically to monitor and report on backups can help eliminate those restore surprises. Lauren Whitehouse, analyst with the ...  Continue Reading

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Backup Technologies Track (New York 2008)

    Data protection continues to be Job #1 for most storage managers -- a job that only gets more complex as each year companies add up to 50% more storage capacity. The good news is that newer technologies can help in this uphill battle, but you ...  Continue Reading

  • Backups (not so) Anonymous

    Data backup and recovery expert W. Curtis Preston discusses the 12 steps you need to know to gain control of your backup system.  Continue Reading