Data storage backup tools

  • Continuous backup gains traction

    For continuous backup technology, 2004 is the year that vendors have moved from promises to actual products. Although the market is still small -- inhabited by startups such as Revivio, Mendocino Software, Alacritus and XOsoft -- the buzz is ...  Continue Reading

  • Backup school: Lesson seven

    Why replication? Is replication worth it? Should you choose synchronous or asynchronous replication? Lesson seven of SearchStorage.com's "Backup School" explores the ins and outs of replication. Professor Dorian Cougias examines the pros and cons of...  Continue Reading

  • Backup school: Lesson two

    LTO, DLT, AIT, ATA, SATA. There is an alphabet soup of backup media available today. In lesson two of SearchStorage.com's "Backup school" we clear up the jumble of terms and examine which type of media is best for your backup needs. This lesson also...  Continue Reading

  • Backup school: Lesson nine

    There is a new beast in storage -- compliance. One of the most critical components of compliance is making sure your data is properly backed up and ready to be recovered should there be any type of writ of discovery. Lesson nine of ...  Continue Reading