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Storage Clips: ADIC upgrades disk backup appliance

ADIC combines disk and tape in same system; HP selects PolyServe storage cluster; Arsenal Digital partners with Peak 10.

Daily compilation of storage news:

ADIC combines disk and tape in same system
Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) today announced the latest release of the company's Pathlight VX 2.0 disk backup appliance. According to ADIC, Pathlight VX is the first open system backup product to combine disk and tape in a single system, using policy-based data management technology to provide nearly 3,000 terabytes.

The combined system presents itself to applications as a virtual tape library (VTL) that transparently includes disk for high performance and RAID fault tolerance and tape for capacity, economy and disaster recovery.

Tony Asaro, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said that Pathlight VX 2.0 is unique in that it's the first VTL product that creates a virtual pool of storage that is a mixture of both disk and tape, allowing users to get the performance of disk with the lower cost of tape in the same system.

Asaro added that Pathlight 2.0 enhances the practice of tiered storage. "The ADIC Pathlight provides tiered storage for backup storage, moving it between low-cost disk to lower cost tape," Asaro said.

The typical 43.6 TB system list price is $261,583 ($6.00/GB). That consists of 3.8 TB disk, and the remainder is made up of tape that uses an ADIC Scalar i2000 with LTO-2 technology. The price includes all media and two years of same-day on-site service for the whole system.

The Pathlight VX 2.0 will be available in December 2004.

HP selects PolyServe storage cluster
PolyServe Inc. today announced the availability of PolyServe Matrix Server software as a complementary storage cluster offering to HP's Unified Cluster Portfolio, announced at the SC2004 Supercomputing Conference in Pittsburgh, Penn. The new HP Scalable Storage Cluster, powered by PolyServe Matrix Server, is a fully integrated server, storage and software product for high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

The combination of PolyServe Matrix Server, with its advanced cluster file system (CFS) technology, and HP modular servers and storage arrays, will aim to satisfy demanding computational requirements, while simplifying the overall management of storage, according to the companies. HP direct and channel sales organizations will sell the offering.

Arsenal Digital partners with Peak 10
Arsenal Digital Solutions, a Storage Management Services (SMS) provider, today announced a partnership with Peak 10, a data center and managed services provider. The partnership strengthens Peak 10's data protection and backup and restore services through Arsenal's ViaRemote and ViaManage offerings. Arsenal's ViaRemote is a network-based data backup and recovery service that provides disk-based backup and restore over the Internet or private network. This product enhances Peak 10's remote data protection service by enabling its customers to quickly and reliably back up data from any location over their existing network to any one of Peak 10's five secure data center facilities. Peak 10 will also enhance its ability to manage its existing tape backup and restore services through Arsenal's ViaManage.

Bus-Tech enhances mainframe appliance
Today, Bus-Tech Inc., supplier of data center connectivity products, announced enhancements to the Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS). According to Bus-Tech, this new release of the MAS, a tape-on-disk controller, offers both higher performance and reliability to deliver improved backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The combination of a faster CPU and enhancements to the software architecture have resulted in the MAS solution exceeding 100MBps throughput in a FICON to Fibre channel environment. Additionally, the MAS FICON solution now conforms to the FICON SB3 protocol standard, a feature that could be used to provide a long-distance connection between production and DR sites. Backup data can be written directly to an open-system disk array at the DR site, as opposed to cutting and sending physical tapes.

PMC-Sierra proves interoperability at SAS Plugfest
PMC-Sierra Inc. today announced successful system interoperability between its maxSAS product family and multiple SAS server, storage enclosure and controller vendors at the recent SAS Plugfest, held at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory from November 1 to 5, 2004. Achieving this milestone with multi-vendor Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) systems assures OEMs of an interoperable solution for next-generation SAS servers and server-attached storage systems.

Netezza refreshes server
Netezza Corp. today announced enhancements to its Netezza Performance Server (NPS) 8000 product family, including the addition of a new model, the NPS 8025. The NPS 8025 delivers high-performance data warehousing capabilities to organizations with data sizes ranging from 400 GB to 1TB. By enabling a wider range of users to realize real-time business intelligence at a lower price point, Netezza hopes to continue to expand its market share in the data warehousing industry. With the availability of the NPS 8025, Netezza now offers a product line that scales to accommodate data sizes of 400 GB to 27 TB.

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