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Storage Clips: Sony unveils AIT-5

Sony announced the fifth generation of its AIT tape format, doubling the capacity to 400 GB with a native transfer rate of up to 24 MBps.

Daily compilation of storage news:

Sony announces AIT-5
Sony Electronics has announced the fifth generation of its Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) tape format, doubling the capacity of the previous generation to 400 GB while delivering backward compatibility.

Offering a compact 3.5-inch drive form factor and a small 8mm media cassette, AIT-5 is the smallest tape technology to offer native capacity of 400 GB and a sustained native transfer rate of up to 24 MBps. With 2.6:1 data compression, the AIT-5 format will also enable stored capacity of up to 1.04 terabytes per cartridge and 225 GB per hour performance. The new format is backward read/write compatible with AIT-3, AIT-3Ex and AIT-4 media protecting businesses that have invested in these previous generations. AIT-5 also features ultra-low power, Magnetic Resistive Head, Dynamic Tracking and WORM recording capabilities.

Nexsan adds iSCSI
Nexsan Technologies Ltd. announced the availability of iSCSI versions of several members of its RAID storage products, including its SATABeast and SATABoy, enabling direct-disk connections over the network.

XOsoft unveils Virtual Lab
XOsoft, a leading provider of continuous application availability software, announced that its Virtual Lab program allows prospective customers to test and evaluate WANSyncHA for Exchange and SQL in a nonproduction environment. The program has helped several companies assess the capabilities of WANSyncHA quickly and effortlessly, and fast track the implementation of their disaster recovery.

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