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Data backup news briefs: Asigra Televaulting joins forces with Virtual Iron

Here's the latest data backup news of the week: Asigra Televaulting joins forces with Virtual Iron, TSMworks announces Automated Restore Testing and more.

Asigra Televaulting joins forces with Virtual Iron

Asigra Inc. announced that Asigra Televaulting has been certified for use with Virtual Iron's server virtualization software. Televaulting is an agentless information recovery platform for virtualized server environments; it reduces CPU and memory requirements while reducing resources required for deployment and management of information recovery processes.

Asigra's agentless backup and recovery solution for Virtual Iron Software allows virtual server environments to perform as promised and provides information recovery.

Lanix integrates Paragon's Drive Backup product into PCs and notebooks

Paragon Software Group announced that it has entered into a new OEM partnership with Lanix, a PC, notebook and server manufacturer. Lanix products are sold to consumers, businesses, government, and academic institutions throughout Latin and South America.

The Mexico-based manufacturer selected Paragon's Drive Backup, which will be rebranded and customized as Sistema Profesional de Recuperación Lanix (Lanix Professional Recovery System). Paragon's Drive Backup offers a "file-compliment" capability, which automatically creates an incremental file backup based on the changes since the last sector-based complete system backup image.

TSMworks announces Automated Restore Testing

TSMworks, a company that creates software that addresses Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) problems, announced the availability of Automated Restore Testing (ART). ART is a virtual appliance for the TSM market, which physically tests backups to see if they can be restored. ART can automatically test thousands of clients over the course of a few days. It has a Web-based console that shows the testing success rate and the most common causes of failure.

Idera announces free SharePoint performance monitoring tool

Idera, a provider of management and administration solutions for Microsoft Windows, announced the release of Pointcheck, a free tool that enables SharePoint performance and availability monitoring.

Pointcheck monitors SharePoint, Internet Information Server and Windows Operating System parameters, sends email alerts to indicate whether SharePoint is down or when certain performance thresholds have been reached. Pointcheck will be available for download the week of November 17.

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