i365 launches EVault Offsite Replication cloud data backup and disaster recovery service

i365 launches cloud-based backup and disaster recovery replication service, along with custom APIs to allow integration between its cloud backup and other backup solutions.

i365 Inc. today launched EVault Offsite Replication Service for cloud-based disaster recovery (DR), and released customer service APIs for developers to integrate other data backup solutions.

i365, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology LLC, is offering the replication service as a disk-to-disk-to-cloud add-on service to the company's EVault backup software or as a disk-to-cloud offsite disaster recovery service.

"We think the timing is right," said George Hoenig, i365's vice president of products operations. "The cloud idea is baked enough for customers to give it a shot."

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The EVault Offsite Replication service synchronizes the on-premise EVault Plug-n-Play appliance or EVault backup software with servers in an i365 data center. If there are small-scale server or application failures, data can be restored from the local EVault system. If the entire site crashes, data will be restored from the i365 cloud.

Hoenig said the heterogeneous service lets any backup system connect to i365's cloud. He said the new APIs will allow third-party backup systems to hand off objects and handling instructions to the i365 cloud management system, which will use data services such as data deduplication, compression, and encryption before stashing the data in a data center.

"We as a company are becoming much more agnostic to other backup applications or application data," said Terry Cunningham, i365's senior vice president and acting CEO.

Cunningham said requiring customers to rip out legacy backup systems and install i365's EVault system does not work in today's marketplace. "That's a relatively unworkable pitch to a customer when they've got 10 years experience with another backup system," Cunningham said. "We're saying keep your old system, let us show you how you can connect to our cloud and keep those existing backup applications."

Cunningham also said the company targets the midmarket, including small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enterprise remote and local branch offices. Cunningham said the cloud service is not being offered to consumers.

i365 licenses its on-premise software, and charges monthly for using the cloud-based replication service. If a customer has the on-premise EVault solution, the cloud-based disaster recovery service will be priced "substantially cheaper" Hoenig said, because the infrastructure is already in place.


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