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SMB data storage briefs: Sony adds 320 GB DAT tape to its tape line

This week's SMB news in brief: Sony adds 320 GB DAT tape to its tape line; QNAP releases new series of Turbo NAS servers.

The following is a compilation of the latest small- to medium-sized business (SMB) data storage technology news.

Sony adds 320 GB DAT tape to its tape line

Sony Corp. added a new tape cartridge, the DAT320, to its line of DAT tape cartridges. The DAT320 is the first DAT tape in Sony's line to use their Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology, which increases recording density.

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The DAT320 can read and write both DAT 160 and DAT 320 media, stores up to 320 GB on a removable cartridge and transfers data at a rate of 24 MB/s. Also, it comes with hardware-based data encryption for additional data storage security. Pricing for the new tape drive starts at $45.99.

QNAP releases new series of Turbo NAS servers

QNAP Systems Inc. released a new series of high-performance Turbo network-attached storage (NAS) servers: the TS-259 Pro, TS-459 Pro, TS-659 Pro and TS-859 Pro. Each NAS server is compatible with VMware's vSphere4 virtualization platform.

The NAS series comes with the Intel Atom D-510 dual-core processor, allowing the servers to complete multiple tasks while transferring data with low power consumption. Pricing for the servers begins at $599.

Rebit introduces SaveMe software and backup drives

Rebit Inc. introduced a new software and data backup drive, SaveMe, a data backup and recovery product for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that works to continuously protect data on PCs from security breaches, viruses and crashes. If something happens to the PC, users can go back to a specific point in time and recover files and folders.

SaveMe's main feature is the SmartSave Personalization Technology, which backs up systems as well as provides additional data storage space for extra files.

SaveMe can provide data backup and recovery for up to six PCs. Portable data backup drives are available in 250 GB, 320 GB and 500 GB. Desktop drives are available in 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB.

LaCie announces new storage server technology for SMBs

LaCie announced a new network storage server based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform. The new server is geared towards SMBs who want to automatically back up their computers to a single server. Additionally, the server can back up their data locally and remotely by copying their data to the cloud.

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