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Bocada rewrites data backup reporting app, launches Prism to focus on SLA compliance

Bocada adds a Web-based front end and SLA impact analysis engine to its latest backup reporting software, and renames the application Prism; analysts say it is a departure from previous data protection management platforms.

Bocada Inc. is trying to pump new life into its data protection management platform with a new application launched today, which focuses on monitoring the impact data protection services have on business operations and tracking service-level agreement (SLA) compliance.

Bocada Prism replaces Bocada Enterprise with a new Web-based front end, and SLA impact and policy change analysis capabilities. The underlying engine and knowledge base of known issues is based on nine years of intelligence collected with Bocada's data protection management software. Bocada claims its software has more than 250,000 clients through IBM Corp. Global Services alone.

Like Bocada Enterprise, Prism monitors and reports on backup jobs performed by data protection applications such as Symantec Corp. NetBackup, Backup Exec and PureDisk, EMC Corp. NetWorker, IBM TSM, Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. Data Protector, CA BrightStor, Syncsort and others (Bocada also claims support for EMC Avamar and CommVault, but has not completed full testing).

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Bocada CEO Nancy Hurley said Prism takes the process further by showing how backup performance impacts service-level agreements. "Customers were asking, 'Can you do SLA management, can you do policy management, can you do chargeback?' Hurley said. "When we heard those questions, we knew they were serious about data protection services."

Prism calculates SLAs based on customer-configured characteristics -- such as any backup job successfully completed, a full backup completed, one particular backup window or specific backup errors. It defines SLA compliance as either every backup being successful or at least one successful backup. Customers can set compliancy frequency options such as every day, certain days, weekly, or monthly. The GUI includes dashboards to track the frequency of SLA compliancy, and report results in graphs and charts.

"We realize that no two customers see SLAs the same way," Hurley said. "We help them determine what is compliant and what is not compliant. If there's a problem, we tell you how important that problem was and if it affects your SLA or not."

Hurley said Prism can be used for internal customers or by managed service providers or cloud vendors to offer services to external customers.

Analysts say Prism is not only different than Bocada's previous product, but is a departure for any data backup reporting application. As data backup application vendors build in reporting and monitoring, Bocada rivals such as Aptare StorageConsole, EMC Data Protection Advisor nd Tek-Tools Profiler have expanded their capabilities with features such as storage resource management (SRM) and data replication.

"This is a whole new product. They went back to the drawing board," Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Lauren Whitehouse said. "They're taking what was backup reporting and turning it on its side, and saying it's not good to enough to gather information and throw it into a report. Everything is SLA driven. It's a completely separate thing from what they've done in the past."

"I look at Prism as unique creature," Taneja Group's Jeff Boles said. "This is a layer on top of the standard playing field, and I don't know if any others are taking it to the service level."

Boles, a former IT administrator, said the dashboards Bocada built would be difficult for any of its customers to create on their own. "I could never come up with anything that gave me this type of satisfaction in my years as an end user," he said. "You usually end up building your own dashboards for this, and it's a significant effort. You can drop $60,000 to $100,000 a year per application to do this dashboard."

Prism will be generally available in early February. Pricing begins at $150 per server or client under management..

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