Iron Mountain announces cloud archiving service for digital medical information

Iron Mountain released an enhanced version of its Digital Record Center for Medical images, offering backup and archiving to the cloud.

Iron Mountain Inc. introduced a new version of its Digital Record Center for Medical Images, a cloud storage service that the company offers for backing up and  archiving digital medical information.

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 The Digital Record Center now includes the choice to have an onsite data storage component along with the existing cloud storage service. It also offers three new service plans: Mirrored Cloud, which stores two copies of each medical image offsite; Hybrid Cloud, which stores one copy onsite and one offsite; and Hybrid Cloud2, which stores one copy onsite and two offsite. The last enhancement the newer version offers is a data shuttle service, which allows organizations to move large volumes of data to Iron Mountain's data center faster than over the internet.

Cloud backup is something many companies are undertaking, and the simultaneous offering of cloud archiving to the same cloud storage service can potentially be beneficial for many companies. According to Jeff Boles, senior analyst at the Taneja Group, "While archiving shouldn't be confused with backup, it does have an enormous impact on backups. Specifically, by archiving to the cloud, you can pass off data protection responsibilities for your archive data to the service provider, and stop managing that complex task yourself." And in this economy, many companies might embrace a service that can achieve "more with less."

"Turning to such service providers for archiving data and simultaneously disbanding your own localized backups on that data can massively reduce the costs of your on-site data protection, and make the set of data you must backup much more manageable," said Boles.

"Just keep in mind what your requirements and expectations are for data protection at your service provider [e.g., do you need multiple version recovery going back months in time?]. Archiving in the cloud is an extremely good opportunity for so many companies because of these cost benefits, because this long retained archival data is infrequently accessed and a good match for a cloud with slower access, and because smart caching appliances can make data that is needed pretty performant by temporarily moving it to a local appliance," he added.

The Digital Record Center for Medical Images service is available as a pay-as-you go service.


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