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Dell upgrades Backup Exec data backup bundle for SMBs, with data deduplication

Dell brings out a new version of its PowerVault backup bundle with Symantec's Backup Exec 2010 for small and medium businesses, including an option for data deduplication.

Dell Inc. today upgraded its disk backup box bundled with Symantec Corp.'s Backup Exec software for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), adding a data deduplication option.

The PowerVault DL2100 Powered by Symantec Backup Exec 2010 includes the newest version of Backup Exec that started shipping in January. Dell first launched its PowerVault DL2000 data backup systems in late 2008, offering customers the option of bundling Backup Exec or CommVault Simpana software with PowerVault servers. Last June, Dell brought out the PowerVault DL2100 Powered by CommVault Simpana 8 with a dedupe option.

The DL2100 with Backup Exec comes installed with a Backup Exec media server and license for backing up two Widows file server agents. The hardware is based on Intel Xeon E5520 processors and scales from 2 TB (1.5 TB usable) to 288 TB of storage capacity. Pricing starts at $8,600 without deduplication, and $11,500 with dedupe.

Dell senior product manager Brett Roscoe said the DL2100 is qualified to work with Dell's EMC and EqualLogic storage arrays. He says Backup Exec is also integrated with EqualLogic system snapshots.

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The Backup Exec 2010 version also has a lower capacity starting point – the DL2000 with Backup Exec started with 3 TB usable capacity.

"With dedupe, you can get more for your disk drive," he said. "It made sense to drive some of the hardware costs down."

Roscoe said he expects dedupe to be a popular option. He estimates about 60% of the CommVault version is sold with dedupe licensed.

Roscoe said while Dell doesn't necessarily push the Symantec or CommVault versions to different markets, Backup Exec tends to be more of an SMB product while Simpana usually appeals to larger organizations.

Dell offers 'potpourri' of data deduplication

The PowerVault DL2100 powered by Backup Exec 2010 fits with Dell's strategy of partnering with deduplication providers across its product lineup.

Dell also resells EMC Avamar and Data Domain deduplication backup products, and offers dedupe for primary storage with EMC Celerra unified storage systems. It lists ExaGrid Systems as a deduplication partner for EqualLogic, and its website offers deduplication backup devices from Quantum Corp. and Overland Storage.

Garnter Inc. analyst Dave Russell said at one point he counted nine dedupe products sold by Dell. He says he expects Dell to whittle that list, and perhaps eventually develops its own dedupe technology.

"If they don't offer just one, they're likely to at least collapse the list," he said. "Right now, the list is too exhaustive. It's a large potpourri of possibilities. I believe that like all storage vendors, Dell will think this is a critical enough capability that they have to eventually come out with their own capability for dedupe."

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