Tandberg adds SMB backup with data deduplication software, removable disk

Tape vendor Tandberg expands its disk portfolio with data deduplication systems featuring 2.5-inch removable drives.

Tandberg Data today introduced three network-attached appliances (NAS) embedded with data backup and data deduplication software targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking for low-cost, centralized data protection. All three models are designed with removable disk media for offsite data protection.

The AccuVault RDX desktop DPS4510 model is priced at $2,999 with 1 TB of raw capacity, while the rackmount AccuVault 1U 4 TB DPS4514 and AccuVault 1U 8 TB DPS4518 devices are priced at $8,499 and $15,999, respectively.

"The bottom line is, this product offers a turnkey data protection solution for small businesses that don't have a lot of IT expertise," said Ted Oade, business unit manager for disk and software at Tandberg. "A lot of data protection solutions forget the needs of the small business, the doctor's office, the real estate office. This product makes it real easy for unsophisticated IT guy or even the doctor to protect their data."

Tandberg's new appliances, which run on the Windows Storage Server 2008 operating system, are preconfigured with AccuGuard Enterprise Edition software for data backup and file-level recovery and includes single-instance storage (SIS), advanced compression, and sub-file source-based global deduplication. The dedupe software can be used for environments that run Exchange and SQL, and virtual machine applications like VMware and Hyper-V.

Mark Peters, a senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, said it is unusual to find a product at AccuVault's price containing data deduplication.

"The main thing is the ease of use," Peters said. "You have data deduplication, which is fairly advanced functionality built in."

The appliances also are designed with Tandberg RDX QuikStor, 2.5-inch removable disk media. The AccuVault RDX DPS4510 desktop version is integrated with the RDX removable disk for offsite disaster recovery and archiving, servicing up to five servers or workstations. The RDX system has 1 TB of fixed disk and a 1 TB removable disk cartridge for online and offsite storage, disaster recovery and archiving.

This is more than a sound effort into a market space that still needs ease-of-use solutions.


Mark Peters
senior analystEnterprise Strategy Group

The AccuVault DPS4514 1U 4 TB, which services five to 20 clients, and AccuVault DPS4518 1U 8 TB, which services 20 to 40 clients, are integrated with RAID-5, hot-swap drives, redundant power, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and can connect to a 1U RDX bay configuration. However, the AccuVault DPS4514 1U 4 TB, which services five to 20 clients, and AccuVault DPS4518 1U 8TB, which services 20 to 40 clients, both offer the removable disk as an option.

"The RDX offers a second level of protection," said Oade, "a second copy, if you will. We created a removal disk product that unlike tape, which allows sequential access, this allows random access of data. But unlike a regular hard-disk drive this is ejectable, like tape."

Tandberg, a company that previously focused primarily on tape, has been working on reinvigorating in business with more disk products and new message around archiving and tiered storage since its parent company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. RDX is ultimately sold through multiple channels and it is also packaged into appliances by ProStor.

"They have decent technology and a good channel," said Peters. "It's not as if they were a startup. This is more than a sound effort into a market space that still needs ease-of-use solutions."


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