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Symantec delivers NetBackup with data deduplication on appliance

Symantec ships its first NetBackup bundled appliance targeted for enterprise backup; also adds cloud connectors to NetBackup and Backup Exec software and adds eDiscovery upgrades to Enterprise Vault.

Symantec Corp. today launched the NetBackup 5000 data deduplication appliance, cloud connectors for NetBackup and Backup Exec, and Enterprise Vault 9.0 with upgrades aimed at improving the e-discovery process for unstructured data.

NetBackup 5000 is the first appliance sold by Symantec with its backup software loaded. Symantec claims each NetBackup 5000 appliance can protect up to 96 usable TB of global dedupe capacity and up to 1 PB of data in one deployment, with a maximum backup throughput of 4.3 TB per hour. Each node is 4U with two Intel CPUs and 24 GB of DDR2 memory. System disks are configured with RAID 1, and data disks are configured with RAID 6 and four Gigabit Ethernet ports. The device can scale up in increments of 16 TB to 96 TB of dedupe capacity.

The appliance offers source and target side deduplication. It requires a minimum setup of NetBackup 6.5 media server with deduplication running on Microsoft Windows, Red Hat, Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux or Solaris operating systems.

Symantec fully integrated its PureDisk deduplication software into NetBackup 2010 early this year but this is the first version of NetBackup on an appliance.

"We now have integrated deduplication at the client level, the media server and a backend appliance," said Brian Dye, VP of product management for the information management group at Symantec. "The key is one platform."

NetBackup 5000's software and hardware are licensed separately. The hardware costs $39,995 for 16 TB of usable dedupe capacity, and the software costs $4,995 per protected TB. The appliance's general availability is scheduled for Sept. 7.

The NetBackup 5000 is competitive with the lower end of the EMC Corp. Data Domain deduplication appliances, which offer target-based dedupe. EMC Avamar software deduplicates data at the source. CommVault is planning to add source-based dedupe to its target-based dedupe when it releases Simpana 9 software later this year.

"We are not becoming a hardware company," Symantec's Dye said. "The value is in the software. The appliance is just the form factor we are delivering it in."

Symantec partners with Dell to sell the PowerVault DL2000 disk backup box that is bundled with Backup Exec software and enables deduplication for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

"In its partnership will Dell, Symantec bundled solution is targeted at the SMB, while the NetBackup 5000 solution is targeted at larger customers, larger data sets," said Brian Babineau, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

New cloud backup services

Symantec also launched a partnership with Nirvanix to enable cloud backup services through NetBackup and Backup Exec connectors. Symantec extended its OpenStorage API to the cloud, integrating its backup software with the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) to allow customers to back up data to the Nirvanix cloud. The Netbackup Connector is available now with the Backup Exec Connector available later this year.

Enterprise Vault adds eDiscovery, deduplication capabilities

Enterprise Vault 9.0 is the first upgrade to the archiving software in about a year. Symantec added the Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector, which extends the ability to discover content outside of a vault such as unstructured content residing on desktops and laptops, file systems within the archive, and files in SharePoint that have not been archived.

Enterprise Vault can also now dedupe data within search results for the Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator search module.

The Enterprise Vault Collector is a standalone product and can be licensed separately from the Enterprise Vault content management system. The EV Discovery Accelerator is an add-on that requires customers to use Enterprise Vault.

The ability to dedupe within Discovery Accelerator reduces the amount of emails searched and reviewed during the discovery process. Emails containing the same thread are organized based on metadata. When emails are searched, Accelerator only exports a single copy of the message and adds references to the other messages that are part of the same thread.

"The Discovery Accelerator only captures the last thread as opposed to the last 15 times we sent the email to each other," Babineau said. "The reason that is important is that it reduces the amount of messages that attorneys have to review during the discovery process."

The Discovery Collector brings data to a central source so it can be placed in an archive and reviewed by legal services. All the information then is exported through the legal workflow process.

Symantec also has boosted platform support for Enterprise Vault 9.0 to include archiving and discovery of Microsoft Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and Lotus Domino 8.5.1. Enterprise Vault also enhances Lotus Domino support by adding mail-in databases to capture documents and workflows for storage optimization and e-discovery.

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