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ADIC unveils two new tape backup products

Advanced Digital Information Corp., Redmond, Wash., made it a big week for tape backup, announcing the availability of the FibreReady model of the company's new Scalar 100 automated tape library platform, and the release of a new model of its FastStor autoloader tape drive.

The new FibreReady Scalar 100, which can be connected directly to Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs), is the first tape library ADIC has introduced into commercial distribution that offers an integrated agent with direct support for serverless backup.

ADIC says that with serverless backup support built in, the Scalar 100 becomes a primary part of a new backup solution that provides full SAN bandwidth utilization without interrupting normal network functions. The FibreReady Scalar 100 will join ADIC's smaller tape storage products in the same distributor-reseller channel that carries Wintel servers.

Serverless backup manages movement of data directly between disk and tape, removing network servers from the data path. By separating backup from server operations, serverless backup increases usable network bandwidth, removing CPU bottlenecks and freeing servers and network resources for other critical IT tasks.

The new model of the seven-tape, FastStor autoloader is the first ADIC device to integrate the newly developed DLT1 drive technology from Benchmark Tape Systems Corp. of Boulder, Colo. Designed to provide a low-cost technology upgrade path, the new FastStor DLT1 autoloader combines DLT capacity at a cost of less than one cent per megabyte.

The FibreReady Scalar 100 supports from one to six DLT7000 or DLT8000 drives and from 30 to 60 cartridges for capacity of up to 4.8T bytes and throughput of up to 260G bits per hour. The Scalar 100 platform is also designed to support AIT, LTO Ultrium, and SDLT technology tape drives, all of which are slated to be introduced in Scalar 100 models later this year. Scalar 100 tape libraries in the field can be upgraded to a FibreReady model with a user-installable plug-in module that adds SAN connectivity and the serverless backup agent. The FibreChannel Scalar 100 is available as a single product, or as part of ADIC's Open SAN Backup solutions package.

The seven-tape automated DLT1 brings 560G byte capacity with an average two-to-one compression rate and 6M bit per second sustained throughput. Data is written in the new DLT1 format on standard DLT type IV media, but can read files written by DLT4000 drives. One of the industry's smaller automated storage products, FastStor can fit on a standard server. One or two can be mounted side by side in seven vertical inches. The FastStor autoloader platform supports compact data protection for a range of server environments, including remote offices, small offices, and individual enterprise workgroups for a price of $4795.

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