Laptop data backup gets attention from i365, CommVault

The laptop data backup market heats up: Seagate’s i365 addresses cloud-based backup for laptops while CommVault adds endpoint backup features to its Simpana backup software.

Laptop data backup is getting a lot of attention these days. i365, a Seagate company, today announced a cloud-based backup and recovery product for laptops and desktops while CommVault added laptop backup features to its Simpana 9 backup application.

i365 launched the standalone EVault Endpoint Protection, which features block-based source deduplicaton, compression, bandwidth throttling, and encryption. i365 previously offered an endpoint data protection via its EVault Desktop Agent product, but that was deployed through a server backup agent and failed to meet the needs of mobile laptop users who tend to back up their data locally.

“In the past, companies required employees to back up to a local file server but that policy does not work anymore,” said Rachel Dines, an analyst for infrastructure and operations at Forrester Research. “This is specifically designed for the endpoint. I’m hearing a huge amount of interest from clients who want to protect their PCs, mostly in the enterprise but some in the SMB [small- to medium-sized business]. The market is heating up.”

EVault Endpoint Protection dedupes, compresses and encrypts data on the source side before sending the data to one of i365’s data centers. It has a global deduplication capability that only backs up one copy of a file, rather than backing up separate copies from multiple computers across the organization. Data then is compressed for WAN optimization and encrypted. The data comes to rest in one of the EVault cloud data centers, managed by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud operating system.

“We do everything we can to minimize the amount of data that goes across the wire,” said Terry Cunningham, i365’s president.

Storage administrators can throttle bandwidth by instructing EVault Endpoint Protection to only back up when the laptop is idle. “As soon as I stop using the mouse, it starts the backup,” Cunningham said.

For security, the product uses an endpoint lockdown data capability to keep data safe when the laptop is used in a public place. Cunningham said the software also does remote data deletion to “shred” sensitive data if a laptop is lost or stolen. A storage administrator can trace a stolen or lost laptop on the network based on the TCP/IP address, so if the device is in use the data can be deleted using the wipe and clean capability.

“If the computer is on, it will shred the data once it gets the command to do it,” said Cunningham.

Dines said the EVault product is best positioned for the SMB space because it’s a combined backup and security solution. In the enterprise market, there would be two different IT managers making decisions for backup and security. “This makes sense for the SMB, but the enterprise would want to buy it separately,” she said.

The EVault Endpoint Protection competes with EMC MozyPro, IBM’s SaaS Protect Online and Iron Mountain’s Connected.

CommVault addresses laptop data backup with dedupe, self-service console

CommVault added remote data protection features through a Simpana service pack. CommVault also uses source-side dedupe for its laptop data backup. When a backup job begins, an agent on the client checks to see what changed since the last backup and only sends changed data over the network.

CommVault Simpana 9 Service Pack 2 also includes a new Web console that lets remote users search and restore files and manage backup schedules. If a laptop crashes, the file can be restored via the web to another machine. The same console is used for administrators to manage backups.

“This is a change of the approach we take to service laptop and desktop backups,” said Jeff Dorr, CommVault product marking manager.

Simpana also added a content index connector to agents on laptops and desktops, which lets remote users index archived data in the data center for e-discovery.

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