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Pancetera expands virtual machine backup capability

Pancetera Unite’s SmartMotion capability lets users push out data to any NAS target without the need for staging servers and virtual machine backup software.

Pancetera Software Inc. today added a software function called SmartMotion to its Pancetera Unite virtual appliance to help simplify virtual machine backup, as well as replicating and recovering virtualized data either locally or from the cloud.

SmartMotion is the third core technology of Pancetera’s Unite data protection platform for virtual machines. It follows SmartRead and SmartView, which were included when the startup launched Unite last August.

Pancetera Unite is a file system access layer that provides access to virtual machines in their virtual infrastructure in a single namespace. SmartView provides a single access point across SAN, NFS and direct-attached storage (DAS) systems.

SmartMotion contains components of the SmartRead technology that cleanses the data of wasted space or swap files to reduce disk I/O.

SmartMotion allows virtual machines to push data out directly to any network-attached storage (NAS) target, without the need for staging servers that host virtual backup software such as PHD Virtual Technologies, Quest Software’s vRanger or Veeam Software. Such virtual server backup software products often work in conjunction with physical servers hosting backup software, requiring organizations to use two backup applications.

“You hear from customers that they don’t want to have multiple backup products in their environments. With SmartMotion, you point to a NAS target and the virtual machine moves the data to the NAS device,” said Jeff Drescher, Pancetera’s vice president of marketing. “The data sits on the NAS box and it looks like files, so the physical backup software knows what data is being backed up. You see the virtual environment through a file system from a backup standpoint. You see different directories. You can click on a file and restore it.”

Taneja Group senior analyst Jeff Boles said because most data backup devices have NAS interfaces, the NAS device hosting the Pancetera SmartMotion can push out data to the backup media device. “Pancetera looks at the data and chooses what to read off the disk. You are just seeing the right data to protect,” Boles said. “The interesting thing for Pancetera is this is the first time somebody is offering a solution for virtual infrastructure data protection that can push data directly from the virtual infrastructure to data protection storage.”

SmartMotion also lets managed service providers create hot standbys of virtual machines, locally or in the cloud, to build disaster recovery services.

Pancetera SmartMotion costs $495 per socket or $99 per virtual machine. It can be purchased as a standalone product or part of the Pancetera Unite platform with SmartRead and SmartView.

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