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Backblaze backup offers unlimited storage; more news

Backblaze backup launched version 2.0 of their services, allowing customers access to unlimited storage for $5 a month; plus other cloud news.

Version 2.0 of Backblaze backup has launched, allowing customers access to unlimited online backup for $5 a month, or $50 a year.

"Launching version two of the core service takes the unlimited online backup that we've offered and effectively makes it more unlimited," said Gleb Budman, co-founder and CEO of Backblaze. "It's all about making the core service even more unlimited and faster to get your data up and backed up so that you just don't have to worry about it."

The new version removed limits on file types and sizes that Backblaze customers can upload. The first version limited file sizes to 9 GB and excluded certain file types. Customers can back up VMWare and virtual machines with 2.0, and can now restore to a 1 TB external drive -- previously only 500 GB was available. The application allows for unthrottled bandwidth -- an automatic throttle feature maximizes the efficiency of uploading based on your connection. Version 2.0 has also added more flexibility -- users have the option to turn the application into "silent mode," which will turn off backups completely, or to not run backup while in battery mode. 

Customers can automatically restore over the web or -- for an extra charge -- have a DVD or USB drive sent to them via FedEx.

The company can offer such large amounts of storage because it has created its own storage pods, which can store 135 TB for just over $7,000.

"One of the things we realized early on was that charging per GB, while that makes logical sense from an engineering perspective, doesn't make any sense from a user perspective," said Budman, explaining that most users his company interacts with have no idea how much data they actually have on their personal machines.

The application is available for Mac or PC, and requires no configuration or install. Backblaze is also available for businesses at the same price -- $50 per year, per computer.

And in other cloud storage news … 

Scality and TeamDrive announce private cloud file-sharing and synchronization solution

Cloud storage company Scality and data synchronization company TeamDrive announced a joint file-sharing and synchronization solution for private clouds. The solution combines Scality's cloud storage with TeamDrive's synchronization and collaboration solution and is aimed at customers that want a high degree of collaboration, functionality and mobility while also maintaining high security of their data. The solution encrypts data transfers and keeps data on a customer's own infrastructure.

The new Scality TeamDrive solution will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at the "SNW -- Powering the Cloud" event in Frankfurt, Germany from November 2-3, 2011.

Axcient unveils Cloud Continuity solution for SMBs

Axcient Inc. announced the launch of Cloud Continuity, which enables SMBs to launch all of their servers in Axcient's Cloud. If local servers fail, users can run a virtual office on Axcient's cloud platform, enabling employees to continue working on their data and applications from any internet-enabled device at any location. Axcient claims Cloud Continuity can be set up without installing software or making any network changes.

The application, which is available on a month-to-month, pay-as-you-grow service, is built on HP hardware and will be available through resellers in early November 2011. 

Doyenz launches rCloud DR service for virtual environments

Doyenz, a cloud-based recovery services provider, announced rCloud -- a disaster recovery solution for SMBs that offers recovery for virtual environments. Doyenz claims rCloud restores virtual production server environments in less than 15 minutes, providing access to critical business applications.

Built for VMware virtualized environments, key capabilities of rCloud include replication and snapshots of VMware ESX machines, cloud recovery verification, virtual lab creation for testing changes and upgrades and re-creation of a local IP skin in the cloud.

Pricing starts at $1,000 per month, and includes one Terabyte of protected storage on rCloud for data retention, failover/failback, data validation and lab usage.

HighCloud Security unveils VM-centric security solution

HighCloud Security, a company focused on virtual machine-centric and cloud data security, unveiled their VM-Centric Security solution, which encrypts and protects VM images and data. The solution provides a single platform that protects enterprise VMs as they are created, transmitted, replicated, suspended, stored and decommissioned.

The HighCloud Security model secures the operating environment, including memory files, copies, snapshots, templates and their sensitive data. The solution features automatic key rotation, secure and centralized key management and encryption throughout the VM lifecycle. launches new look

CX, a cloud storage and data file management system, announced a rebranding of their product and website.  Customers can register for free on to gain access to 10 GB of free storage. Once the application is downloaded, files placed in a sync folder are copied to the CK website and any other machines where the software is installed. Users can upload files, as big as 1 TB, to "groups" they've created, where the files can then be edited and shared.

For $10 a month, customers can create 10 groups with unlimited group size, real time notifications and 50GB of storage. For $20 a month, customers have access to 100GB of storage and can create an unlimited number of groups to share files with.

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