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Bocada launches backup reporting for virtual machines

Bocada Vision ties into VMware and provides granular backup reporting and analysis of the data protection process for virtual machines, either as a module to Bocada Prism for physical machine backups or a standalone product.

Bocada Inc., announced this week that it will extend its data protection management offerings to virtual server environments with the upcoming release of Vision, an application that ties into VMware to provide backup reporting and analysis for virtual machines (VMs).

Bocada Vision can be used as a standalone product or as part of Bocada Prism, which monitors physical machine backups and how they impact service-level agreements (SLAs).

Vision has been integrated with VMware’s vCenter and supports VMware’s vDataRecovery product, as well as Veeam Software’s Backup & Replication, Quest Software’s vRanger Pro and Symantec’s NetBackup 7.1 backup applications.

The new module will be generally available Nov. 15.

Bocada said that Vision can display whether backups are successful, what resources are being used to protect VMs and how much capacity is available. It also pinpoints the best recovery points.

“We give trending analysis, which does not exist in all the point [virtual backup] products,” Bocada CEO Nancy Hurley said. “We show the past history, [offer details in] the results to show the success and failure of backups per VM, per host, per data center, per cluster and per backup product. Also, as part of the health check, we show job performance in full and incremental replication jobs and snapshots. “

Physical backup applications have evolved over the last several years to give move granular backup reporting and analysis. But that level of analysis is often missing in backup tools for virtual environments, according to Lauren Whitehouse, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group.

“Backup vendors take snapshots and do the management of backup, but how do we know if we successfully captured the data?” Whitehouse said. “This is a gap. Most vendors have reporting capabilities. Most can give you details but it’s thin in virtual environments. Some vendors will track it, and they are trying to build the features but you don’t get the same level of verification. They won’t give you the same degree of management visibility in virtual environments.”

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