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CA ARCserve SaaS adds SMB backup cloud offering

CA Technologies adds cloud backup to its ARCserve D2D On Demand SaaS, promoting hybrid offering as turnkey data protection for SMBs.

CA Technologies announced this week that it has added cloud backup to the company’s ARCserve D2D On Demand SaaS, promoting the hybrid offering as an SMB backup solution that offers data protection for SMBs and managed service providers.

According to CA, ARCserve D2D On Demand is sold as a turnkey managed service, which the company says allows customers to “treat backup as a fixed operational cost, rather than requiring both high capital expenditure and indeterminate ongoing ownership costs.”

In a press release, CA reported that ARCserve could handle usage reporting and billing for MSPs involved in reselling cloud backup for SMBs.

ARCserve is paired with 25 GB of Windows Azure cloud storage for each customer machine backed up with the service, according to CA. The SaaS is available in monthly or annual subscription plans in tiered “capacity bands” for cloud storage. Customers can also manage their service through a central web portal that tracks contract information, including the amount of storage and time remaining on that contract. The cloud storage can be shared among all the machines a customer wants backed up under the service, the company said.

CA says ARCserve D2D On Demand uses what it calls “Block level Infinite Incremental” technology to perform on-site backups every 15 minutes. It also claims to offer bare metal restore from onsite or the cloud – to either the same or “dissimilar” hardware.  The company says that the bare metal restore places a system image of the original drive onto a new drive and restarts the system, and says that it can reduce the restore time from “potentially [taking] as long as 36 hours to as little as a few minutes,” according to a product brief.

According to the company, the SaaS can tackle backups for SMBs and restores of files,  databases, Exchange emails and other data from physical or virtual environments.

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