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Bocada offers backup reporting software for virtual, physical reports

Bocada’s vpConnect combines Prism and Vision backup reporting software modules to bring backup reporting for physical and virtual machines under one monitoring tool.

Bocada Inc. this week launched vpConnect, an agentless data protection software monitoring and backup reporting software product that integrates capabilities from its products for physical servers and virtual machines.

Bocada’s vpConnect queries log files and uses backup target APIs to determine backup and replication success, capacity usage, file age and other metrics. It allows administrators to set event alerts for data protection failures such as unsuccessful backup attempts.

Combining the Prism and Vision modules into a single backup reporting software product lets administrators navigate between physical and virtual environments, as well as troubleshoot problems in one platform. Bocada’s software lets customers monitor physical and virtual backups jointly, even if those backups are managed separately.

The vpConnect software is available for new customers as a standalone product, while current customers can get it from a license key change.

Bocada’s Prism and Vision prepare detailed backup reports for most of the major physical and virtual backup applications. The reports provide greater visibility into backups and show customers when backups fail or what data may not be recoverable.

“What our customers are finding instantaneously valuable to them is something we call the inventory report,” Bocada CEO Nancy Hurley said.

Bocada’s inventory report shows if virtual machines are backed up successfully, and how much capacity and performance is being used to handle those backups. Bocada Vision is integrated with VMware vCenter. The inventory report can help administrators evaluate their virtual assets including the number of snapshots, their age and the capacity they use.

The vpConnect software also includes Prism’s service level agreement (SLA) reporting for physical environments, including alerts for situations that may put an SLA at risk and troubleshooting assistance.

Russ Fellows, a senior partner for the Evaluator Group, said vpConnect is the only heterogeneous integrated data protection monitoring and reporting product on the market today.

“There are several backup products out there now, but some of them are just for physical or virtual environments,” Fellows said. “This tool can give you a consolidated view of your virtual systems and physical systems backups.”

Bocada also counts service providers as a key market -- IBM Global Services is its largest customer -- and vpConnect can help providers prepare reports for internal use and customers. Hurley said IBM Global Services uses Bocada enterprise internally and to verify compliance with customers’ SLAs.

Bocada’s vpConnect is priced by units, typically physical servers and clients, or virtual machines. Bocada uses the term units because some organizations use storage or data protection systems that are not easily measured by adding up the number of clients and servers or VMs. For instance, for storage arrays that are sold by capacity rather than physical devices, one unit equals 1 GB of storage.

Bocada has a joint marketing deal with Quest Software and its vRanger backup and recovery for VMware, and Hurley said she expects a similar agreement will soon be signed with Veeam Software. Hurley also said Bocada is “fully engaged in [Symantec’s] partner program.”

According to Fellows, the main competition for vpConnect is homemade technology. “Really the biggest alternative is just a lot of hand-coded scripts,” he said.

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