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Execs talk Backup Exec 2012, integrated appliances at Symantec Vision

Our senior news director Dave Raffo attended Symantec Vision last week, and we have compiled his reporting for your convenience.

Last week, the annual Symantec Vision conference in Las Vegas offered focus groups, interactive labs, opportunities for certification and one-on-one sessions with Symantec software experts. The event offered a number of training sessions for attendees, including a session explaining Backup Exec 2012 -- which many users have expressed their discontent for. Symantec also made a number of announcements about their product roadmap at the event.

Our senior news director Dave Raffo attended Symantec Vision, and we’ve compiled his reporting below for your convenience:

Symantec defends ‘bold’ changes in Backup Exec 2012 upgrade

The Backup Exec 2012 upgrade has angered long-time customers, but Symantec executives say the changes were needed and users will adapt. According to Deepak Mohan, SVP of Symantec’s Information Management Group, the Backup Exec interface was 10 years old and needed to be updated.

“There’s a fraction of existing customers saying they want the old stuff, they don’t want to move to the 21st century,” he said. “They don’t have the time to spend learning the new interface.”

Symantec CEO: We’ll win in virtual backup and the cloud

CEO Enrique Salem said Symantec will emerge as the leader in virtual backup and the cloud, plus he also expects appliances to surpass backup software.

“There’s no reason to have lots of point products and lots of separate components in the infrastructure. We want to drive an integrated vision for our data protection products,” he said. “Instead of going in and buying backup software from Symantec and deduplication from EMC or Quantum or somebody else, and buying a media server, our devices have solved that problem.”

Symantec extends integrated backup appliance strategy

Symantec will double down on its backup appliance plans, and will place NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 on appliances with dedupe software and media servers.

“This is how we’re trying to transform backup,” said Peter Elliman, senior manager of Symantec’s information management group. “Backup appliances have traditionally been dedupe appliances. The more you can integrate the target device with the dedupe app and move dedupe up front, the better off you are.”

Is Symantec’s Backup Exec update really so terrible?

And on the Data Defenders blog, we’d like to hear from you. Are you a Backup Exec 2012 user? What do you think of the changes? Was the software in need of an update? Or was it fine as it was? Let us know what’s up.

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