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Tandberg Data set to release 1.5 terabyte RDX cartridge

Tandberg Data announced this week its 1.5 terabyte RDX cartridges would be available in September through Tandberg Data's channel partners.

Tandberg Data this week announced the release of its 1.5 terabyte (TB) removable RDX data protection cartridge. Tandberg said the cartridges are aimed at small to midsized businesses in data-intensive industries, such as graphic design, video production or surveillance and medical imaging.

"Removable disk is primarily being used in small companies," said Marc Staimer, president at Beaverton, Ore.-based Dragon Slayer Consulting. "[Tandberg] is going after tape customers looking to get off tape. The RDX cartridges look, feel and act like tape, and 1.5 TB matches current [linear tape open] LTO-5 capacity." The RDX cartridges offer the portability of tape, with the faster access time of disk.

RDX technology is also forward and backward compatible. Tandberg Data said the new RDX cartridges, and all previous and future data cartridges, will work in all RDX docks.

According to Staimer, this can be a real benefit for smaller companies. "Small companies don't make storage changes as frequently as larger companies," he said. "By the time a company does a tech refresh, these cartridges might be three or more generations out. Companies can take advantage of the increased capacity while still accessing data stored on older cartridges. "By comparison, LTO tapes offer backward compatibility for two generations.

The new cartridges are also compatible with Tandberg's RDX QuikStation. Fully populating the QuikStation appliance with 1.5 TB drives bumps its uncompressed capacity from 8 TB to 12 TB.

The cartridge will be available in September through Tandberg Data's channel partners.

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