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STORServer announces updates to backup appliance lineup

Backup storage vendor STORServer announced a series of updates to its backup appliance lineup this week.

Backup storage vendor STORServer Inc. announced a series of updates to its integrated backup appliance lineup this week. The appliances offer backup software and hardware bundled in a 2U form factor.

According to the company, its entry-level Backup Appliance offerings now include the BA601, which has a 1.5 TB built-in storage pool that can accommodate an additional 6 TB or 9 TB of internal storage. Another offering, the BA701, has a 4 TB storage pool, and users can add an additional 10 TB or 15 TB of internal storage, the company said. Both models allow for one base disk shelf, expansion shelves and tape library connectivity, using built-in Serial-Attached SCSI with the option for Fibre Channel on a PCI Express x8, according to the company. The BA601 also supports disaster recovery options including replication to an offsite STORServer appliance, removable disk or cloud. The company said its deduplication offers a cost reduction in charges for cloud storage because the capacity requirements are lower.

Pricing for the BA601 begins at $9,898, and pricing for the BA701 starts at $14,499, STORServer said.

The company also announced new Enterprise Backup Appliance models to replace previous units. The EBA802, which is intended for offices or data centers, replaces STORServer's previous 801 and 851 models, the company said. The EBA1202 model (which replaces the older 1102) is designed for offices with remote branches. The EBA2202 (which replaces the previous 2102 and 2502 models) is aimed at companies that need to store as much as 100 TB of data. The EBA3202 is aimed at larger companies, and replaces the 3102 and 3501 units.

The company's Enterprise Backup Appliance models start at $18,999 for the EBA802. The starting prices for its other models are as follows: The EBA1202 starts at $29,919, the EBA2202 at $53,919, and the EBA3202 at $110,180.

STORServer also announced a new Instant Restore Appliance, the IR501. The company said the unit offers up to 11 TB of data storage space, connectivity for one base disk array and expansion shelf, plus disaster recovery options that include remote disk or replication to another STORServer appliance. The company did not announce a price for the new model.

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