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CommVault offers snapshot technology without full backups

With IntelliSnap Recovery Manager, CommVault makes its array-based snapshot technology available without its full Simpana backup application.

CommVault Systems Inc. today launched IntelliSnap Recovery Manager, a repackaged version of its array-based snapshot software that works as a standalone product.

IntelliSnap Recovery Manager is based on the IntelliSnap Connect Program that CommVault launched in January. IntelliSnap lets storage vendors integrate their array-based snapshots with the SnapProtect module in CommVault's Simpana backup application. The new software works independently of Simpana, making the snapshot technology available to customers of any backup software vendor. Simpana, or another backup product, is required to perform full backups and archiving.

Recovery Manager costs $10,000 for up to 25 servers without capacity limits. If customers' needs grow beyond 25 servers, they can upgrade to Simpana or add another 25-server license.

The hardware partners for Recovery Manager are the same as for IntelliSnap Connect: It supports the major array platforms from Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, NetApp and Nimble Storage.

CommVault works more closely with some hardware partners with its snapshot technology. NetApp's SnapProtect array-based snapshot product is based on an OEM deal with CommVault, and Fujitsu resells IntelliSnap software with its Eternus DX S2 Series arrays.

CommVault claims IntelliSnap Recovery Manager is developed to perform rapid, granular recovery of data stored in VMware and Microsoft Windows file systems and in Exchange, SQL and SharePoint, so it requires no custom scripting to work with those applications.

Jeff Echols, senior director of product marketing and business development, said IntelliSnap allows customers to schedule hardware snapshots across multiple arrays, applications and VMware virtual servers from one console. "This is a manager of managers for all the array snapshots they're using. Because we use hardware, snapshots are faster. We also can go in and recover an individual file."

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