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EVault Endpoint Protection to use Windows Azure cloud

Backup provider EVault Inc. announced a deal to use Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform as a target for EVault Endpoint Protection backups.

Backup provider EVault Inc. announced a deal recently to use Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform as a target for EVault Endpoint Protection backups.

EVault Endpoint Protection is designed to protect data in laptops, it offers centralized management, and data recovery can be accomplished by individual users themselves, according to EVault, which is owned by Seagate Technology LLC.

The agreement is good news for both companies, said Rachel Dines, a senior analyst with Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass.

"It gives EVault customers another option [for] where they send their data. Azure has presence all over the world, and it's nice to have options there, so I like that they've opened up the platform. And it's also great for Microsoft, because this is one more onramp into Azure," Dines said. "Backup is one of the great use cases for cloud storage, but you need a way to send data to the cloud. So this gives Microsoft another onramp for people to be sending data into Azure."

Dines noted that EVault Endpoint Protection can use Windows Azure to attract enterprise-level customers, many of which have a need for endpoint data protection, especially for organizations with large bases of employees around the world.

"I think it is very mutually beneficial, because it lends to Azure's credibility as a backup platform, and adds credibility to EVault as an enterprise platform," Dines said.

EVault noted that its Endpoint Protection product is aimed at enterprise users, and could expand its ranks of customers beyond the small- and medium-sized market. EVault said it has about 38,000 midmarket customers.

"While our core customer base is midmarket companies, enterprises have similar data protection/storage needs and can benefit from EVault's offerings. EVault Endpoint Protection is targeted at enterprises, as well as midmarket businesses," according to a company statement sent to

EVault said it will continue to run its own cloud storage alongside Azure. The company said there are no changes planned right now for services used by customers.

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